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American Legend

The American Legend blends the fancy appearance of the "B" western, double buscadero rig, and the forward-raked, low cut holsters designed for Hollywood fast draw and gun spinning. This unique fully carved and lined outfit is two- toned and offers solid sterling silver buckles and spots.

In the glory days of the Hollywood western, none of our heroes practiced what is now known as "fast draw," and the design of their famous fancy gun rigs shows this. It was not until the 1950s, with the exception of the incredible gun spinning of Johnny Mac Brown, that fancy gun handling, with teachers like Rod Redwing, began to become part of the western.

Suddenly, the wide throated and skirted holster gave way to a narrower steel-lined rig that angled the pistol grip away from the body and fully exposed the trigger guard.

The American Legend bridges the gap between the look of the 1940s and the needs of modern gun spinners and fast draw specialists by creating a rig that fully exposes the pistol grip and trigger guard while providing a forward rake on the barrel for a fast draw. Used extensively by entertainer, fancy gun handler and fast draw expert Marshal Jack Alan of Phoenix, the American Legend is a proven, successful design.

The American Legend is available in many different finishes, with single and double holsters, for Colt's SAA revolvers and their clones.


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